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About us

Rapidfot has made a strong investment in technology to bring the fan all the digital developments while facilitating to the greatest extent possible, you can continue taking pictures, not everyone knows how to handle a computer, downloading or copying a CD, but everyone can take some pictures and reveal Rapidfot.

In 1965 we opened our first store, we have dedicated our lives to you will always remember you and want to continue doing, with your confidence and hope to continue our work ... printing your life.

Opened in 1993, is a laboratory Rapidfot young and growing.

There are many changes that photography has experienced in recent years and are knowledgeable Rapidfot the continuing evolution of this market, our methods have changed and our machines have had to adapt to the needs of our customers, photography digital has set too hard, and what at first might seem reserved for the few, has spread to the general public in a very short time. Many of the amenities of the new systems have caught the amateur, but like anything new, also carries a lot of doubts.

About us